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How to help

We will ensure that whatever you can spare, large or small donations, will make a huge difference to the people of Kenya.  Even the smallest of gifts can go a long way:




1 x Chocolate bar 80p


Flip flops for a child to walk to school in

1 x Cup of "fancy" Coffee £2.20


1 pair of school shorts

2 x Pints of Beer - £5.60


5 x tests for Malaria, TB or, HIV

1 x week's mobile phone calls £10.00


1 week's basic food for a family of 4.

1 x months basic Satellite TV package £35.00


A weekly visit to an entire local village by a doctor and nurse

Although we appreciate the thought, we do not send gifts to Kenya, as it costs a lot for us to ship it, and we feel that the money would be better spent on our projects to help the people of Kenya.
Please send a cheque made payable to The Paper Chase Trust.  Or you can go online and donate via PayPal using the 'Donate' link at the top of the page.  However, The Paper Chase Trust is not just about monetary donations, it's also about creating awareness and helping us to gain support by telling as many people as possible about what we are trying to achieve.  So, why not register your details with us?  We will keep you up-to-date through via our quarterly Newsletter; you could show our work to others!
Thank you for your support.