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Our History

It all began with Shirley and Eddy Johnson from Cheshire, who went on holiday to Turtle Bay Beach Club, Watamu. There they saw beyond the luxury of their holiday accommodation and forged a friendship with a local man called Festus Jefwa, from the Malindi District.

As they got to know Festus, they met his family and children, and particularly adored the babies, who were badly affected by mosquito bites, which could potentially lead to their premature death. They were (and are) a happy, loving family, despite the lack of amenities, including basics such as protection against parasites, drawing paper for the children etc.  Eddy and Shirley have now taken a well earned retirement after many years working in Kenya.

Later that day Shirley and Eddy, set about making some samples of homemade mosquito nets for use in the village huts. They showed the villagers how much they wanted to help. Their commitment began.

On their return to the UK they sought to help further. They asked their local chip shop to donate a ream of chip wrapping paper. Shirley posted it to the children in the village in Kenya so they could use it as drawing paper. Shirley and Eddies' commitment to fundraise in the UK had begun, they realised people in the UK would support them in their strive to assist those less fortunate.